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Modern life in many fields is based on a variety of micro systems (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, MEMS) unnoticed by most of us. In most cars micro sensors for the measurement of acceleration, yaw rate, pressure, and flow are implemented. Watches, hearing aids, mobile phones, beamers, ink jet printers, PCs, and catheters for minimal invasive surgery are other examples of applications which became possible in the present form by micro technologies only. Accordingly many jobs are available in micro technique and much more jobs are depending on it.

Micro systems are finding their way into applications only if they can be fabricated at low cost. Our fabrication processes show cycle times of a few seconds and are very efficient all, in development, small-scale production, and role-to-role production.

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Introduction to Microsystem Design

2nd edition available!

The equations required for the design of micro systems have been published in the book „Introduction to Microsystem Design“ . This book is helping both students and devolpers of micro systems in research and industry.

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