Research topics

Mikro systems find their way into applications only if they can be fabricated at comparatively low cost. Therefore, we habe been developping the ultrasonic fabrication of micro components and systems from thermoplastic polymer foils. Our fabrication processes show cycle times of a few seconds and are efficient in all, development, small-scale and role-to-role production.

A promissing field of application are micro analysis systems and micro reactors for medical science, chemistry, and biology. We integrate electrical and optical sensors into micro heat exchanger and micro mixer.

We have been developing remote controls without batteries and electronics employing micro whistles. The frequencies of the sound emitted from these whistles is above the audible range. These whistles can also be employed for determining the position of persons or moving objects.

Föow sensors have been realized by us on the one hand as miniaturized versions of classical mehtods such as anemometers and calorimeters. On the other hand, we have been developing new concepts such as the FPW with a characteristic curve which is no longer a function of the properties of the fluid.

The flow in micro channels can be steered with active micro valves developed by us.

Damages in modern light weight constructions from fiber-reinforced polymers or ropes are often hard to discover. Therefore, we are developing over-load sensors employing predetermined breaking points or strain gauges which are so small that they can be integrated into such construction elements.

Polymer foils from PVDF are employed as force, strain, and temperature sensors and can be micro patterned by ultrasonic processing or photolithography.

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