Ultrasonic fabrication and friction embossing


At KEmikro micro structures are generated and joined with each other in a few seconds by ultrasonic processing [24, 65]. Besides the short cycle time, the low investment costs are a major advantage. For these processes, there are required a commercialy available ultrasonic welding machine for approximately 20,000 € and access to tools [61] fabricated, e.g., from aluminum with a milling machine. A simple milling machine also costs approximately 20,000 €. Besides this, there are companies offering the fabrication of such tools.

Virtually every thermoplastic polymer which can be used for injection molding of hot embossing can also be processed by ultrasonic processes. Ultrasonic processing has the advantage that the polymer or the design can be changed in a few minutes if the tool is available. A new tool can be made by milling from aluminum or brass within a few hours.

At KEmikro, we welcome everybody interested and show ultrasonic hot embossing and friction embossing.

The ultrasonic processes employed at KEmikro are:

Principle of ultrasonic hot embossing Principle of ultrasonic welding Prinziple of ultrasonic thermoforming Principle of ultrasonic riveting


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