Micro heat exchanger

  Principle of the fabrication of a micro heat exchanger Copyright: © KEmikro

Micro heat exchangers from the polymer polyvinylidenefluorid (PVDF) were fabricated at KEmikro by ultrasonic hot embossing and ultrasonic welding [19]. First four PVDF foils, each 100 µm in thickness, were welded together and at the same time patterned with micro channels. In a following fabrication step, three foils with micro channels were welded onto a connection piece one by one.

Outer dimensions of the heat exchanger are 2 × 2 cm². It consists of three layers, each with 6 micro channels, each 400 µm in depth and 600 µm in width. In the middle layer there is flowing a liquid in counter flow to the two cover layers achieving a larger heat transfer.



[19] K. Burlage, C. Gerhardy, W.K. Schomburg
“PVDF micro heat exchanger manufactured by ultrasonic hot embossing and welding”
Proc. 21st MicroMechanics Europe Workshop, MME 2010 in Enschede, Niederlande, 25. - 27. September (2010) C09.